Sunday, November 27, 2011

Occupy San Diego Intimidate Walmart Shoppers on Black Friday

What better way to recruit the downtrodden of the 99% than by ruining their best chance to purchase affordable shoes, toys, appliances and least that’s what the wing-nuts over at Occupy San Diego think. They filled 75 carts full of product, blocked the check-out aisles, chanted about the evils of low-priced shopping, and left their mess for the shoppers to weave through and employees to clean up. The good folks at Gateway Pundit have a full transcript of the video HERE.

If you take the time to actually watch the video, you’ll notice that NONE of the actual Walmart shoppers or employees join in the asinine chanting.

And, as a mother, what horrifies me most, is how they boxed in families during the stunt. One mother with a stroller, a small boy and a baby in her arms, has no where to go. If that was me, I would have been angry and terrified. One wrong move by anyone in that crowd and things would have turned dangerous in a flash.

Thanks to Beers with Demo, we know his isn’t the first or last time Occupiers have terrorized children.

So, good job Occupy...insult and intimidate your ‘base,’ impede affordable shopping, and scare mommies. You’re on your way to a sweeping pop-culture victory (insert eye roll here).

P.S. Liberator Today explains why this little stunt helps explain why the Tea Party has no business trying to find 'common ground' and work together.


Mutnodjmet said...

Of all the Occupy movements in the entire country, I loathe ours the most. Detestable.

Dean said...

Thanks for the link, Sarah!

Doo Doo Econ said...

Such a horrible idea, how could it come from enlightened leftwing philosophers.

Anonymous said...

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SarahB said...

Sorry, Anonymous...I have zero interest in encouraging Sarah Palin to run for anything