Monday, January 23, 2012

TPP’s Jenny Beth Martin Crowns Herself Queen and Chooses Newt

Yep. First she (and The Board...don’t worry Debbie Dooley, I haven’t forgotten that you want credit for bad ideas too) spends God-knows-how-much Tea Party Patriots donor money to co-sponsor a debate with a bunch of Republicans.

Now she has the gaul to say...”Newt win is a win for the Tea Party”


Just watch for yourself, if you can stand it...

Hear that? That’s the sound of Libertarian brains exploding all over the fruited plain.

Yo, Jenny...your roll is to promote the core PRINCIPLES of pro-taxpayer, pro-freedom, pro-constitutional ideals, not prop up candidates...especially ones who loooooooooved TARP. All our choices suck and the tea party is divided, do your job and stay on message.

God help us.


Doo Doo Econ said...

I got 2/3 the way through the video. High tolerance?

SarahB said...

You did better than most!

Mutnodjmet said...

30 seconds was enough for me.

Under Ground Pools said...

You did better than most!
Thanks for post.

Under Ground Pools

Anonymous said...

You are a nasty woman Mrs. Lipstick Underground. First of all YOU HAVE COMPLETELY DISTORTED THE ENTIRE VIDEO. It was the people in S.C. who chose Newt, she was just reporting the facts. And yes, it was a win for the Tea Party people in S.C. who voted for Newt. You should go crawl back under the rock you came out of.

Mutnodjmet said...

Hey Anonymous: Why don't you man/woman up and state who you are. Assuming you are either Debbie Dooley or another Martin-supporter, do her a favor and note that Lipstick isn't "nasty" nor alone in her assessment of Martin's muddled performance. One of the biggest names of conservative punditry said this: "Jenny Beth Martin is the President of Tea Party Patriots. President! She misses the boat so badly here that it's hard to get through the video."

Now, I would recommend that you "crawl back" to wherever it is you are from and inform Martin and her minions she is poised to loose a lot of local groups over their inexplicable involvement with the GOP at this level. TPP and their "leaders" need to focus on grassroots networking, or they won't be leading much of anything in the near future.

SarahB said...

Anonymous...please (since I assume you are JB's errand boy/girl) tell Jenny Beth and the Board, I'm the mean one.

Marie said...

Hey anonymous Mrs. Lipstick is the nice one. I am the little witch fo CA and you tell JB and her little group that we are sick of her and people like you. You either come forward or shut up.
We did not vote for JB to our Presd and she has gone way to far. My group is done with JB and her little team. Another thing you tell JB Dawn is going no where and if she has a problem she can call me . 209-202-3043.