Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ode to Black History Month...Alvin Ailey

In my humble opinion, the greatest American Artist...ever.

Americans Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham may have been the mothers of Modern Dance (yes, folks, Modern Dance is another great American institution)...but their work always looked East to European and Classical inspirations. Ailey reveled in American themes, primarily of the Black experience, and celebrated the strength and power of faith, family and survival. He made the genre accessible and opened his groundbreaking company to artists of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Today the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is arguably the most celebrated Modern Dance company in the world.

Just take a peak at the company’s Vimeo Channel to see for yourself that his work breaks free of the rigid constrains of ballet while remaining beautiful to watch...unlike so much convulsive and tortured Modern choreography.

"Ailey will rock your soul!" from AlvinAileyAmericanDanceTheater on Vimeo.

Every American owes it to themselves to see Revelations live at least once in their lifetime...if for no other reason (if you think you don’t like dance) to sound culturally literate at dinner parties.

Revelations from AlvinAileyAmericanDanceTheater on Vimeo.

Enjoy these photos & videos, please visit the website, and if you can afford it, splurge on tickets for the North American won’t regret it.

Of course, where would Mr. Ailey be without the magnificent Judith Jamison?

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K T Cat said...

You've sold me! Now I want to go see it.