Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quit Making Me Root for Romney!! - I'm not sure Rick Santorum can fix the country's problems if he can't even fix his Google problem
Just when Obama was sinking his own ship with the whole Catholic contraception mandate business, Rick Santorum steps in to deflect the haters back on himself. He’s decided the 2012 conversation should not be about the constitutional freedom of religion, but rather the evils of contraception.

Good, job, Rick...make yourself a walking stereotype so we can focus on how much Republicans want to interfere with everyone’s sex life.

God forbid this election be about the economy.

Ricky Boy is just another Republican hack who has no idea why taxpayers started the tea party.


Anonymous said...

absolutely! just when I thought I could stomach Santorum, I find him as full of it as ever. now I only want him to serve as a way to get Romney in line with more conservative values.

Santorum proves he's still a caveman.

Shane Atwell said...

Thank you. I'm glad its evident to everyone else too.

Doo Doo Econ said...

I can't buy into the article. It was prior to the Obama manufactured "contraception not abortion" issue and more over he was talking to religious people about a religious issue when making those remarks in October 2011. He was not talking about public policy.

I urge everyone to keep perspective. Romney is not going to repeal Obamacare per a recent story about promises to Florida establishment appointments to his healthcare panel. Romney will do what he is told but it is not we who have his ear.

If Santorum had made those remarks in the last week, I would agree with the criticism.

SarahB said...

I get what you're saying, Charles. For me it's more that he has made similar statements over and over and over...that they are so easy to drag up at a moment's notice. All the late night shows were talking about it last night, so even if the sited quote is months old, it had the same effect as if he said it yesterday. The conversation is now about him, not Obama's blunder.

Ema Nymton said...


"God forbid this election be about the economy."

Every time the RepublicanT Party has tried their economic fantasies of greed, grief, and graft, it has ended up in world economic failure.

One might really not want the national elections being about the state of the economy. Really; things are getting better according to economic trends.

So what does the RepublicanT Party have to offer the voters of USA?

Ema Nymton

SarahB said...

Ema, first I appreciate that you left your real name. Not many to disagree would do that.

However, we clearly come from such opposite sides of the philosopical spectrum and there is nothing I could say in a paragraph or two to change your paradym of capitalism-and-small-government-is evil. I believe chronism and socialism are evil and rotting this nation from the inside out. Repubicans and Democrats have both spread this disease through our economy and we will suffer for generations.

So I wish you the best and hope we can agree to disagree on the fundementals that build a healthy economy and society.