Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Did You Expect?

By now everyone has heard that the Ninth Circuit ruling on Prop 8. Is anyone actually surprised? For both sides, the fight is long from over, but, really, the writing is on the wall.

And it might surprise (and possibly anger) some of you to know I really don’t have a problem with gay marriage. I don’t think it’s the slippery slope to socially acceptable incest (or worse). And most of my gay friends do the whole White-Picket-Fence-Middle-America thing better than me or most of my straight friends.

But to be entirely intellectually fair, it is time to start a betting pool on how long it will take the plural marriage crowd to start demanding equality. We’ve already seen the beginnings of normalizing that culture with Big Love, Sister Wives and various cable specials on the topic.

As a woman, I will not stand for a society that accepts women sharing a husband as some sort of healthy norm. In theory plural marriage could be multiple husbands and wives in the same family, but we’ve never really seen it. All over the globe the standard seems to be one self-righteous ‘family man’ surrounded by vacant grinning women pretending they don’t mind waiting for their turn to bed Mr. Wonderful. And the (femal, ahem) offspring are raised to embrace the lifesyle as the only road to love and security.

So to the LGBT community, and with all sincerity, enjoy the victory! Hold fabulous weddings that help pump needed cash into our weary economy, and get ready for the day when you can share in the glories of the Marriage Penalty...we’re counting on your share to help pull us out of the national debt.

But be prepared to have to take sides in the next battle over defining legal may not happen tomorrow, but it’s coming. How do you want your daughters to define an equal, loving life commitment?

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