Thursday, March 29, 2012

PhotoShop Has Nothing on the 50's...A Thursday Night Fluff Piece

I should probably be talking about the Obamacare Supreme Court story this week, however, my much brainier colleagues with the SLOB’s have already done a superb job tackling the issue HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

Instead, this lovely Thursday evening is dedicated to getting a little bitchy about an Arizona legislator who has no idea that women have survived generations of PhotoShop-like manipulation of the ideal female form.

Earlier this month Beers with Demo shared a video from about Nanny of the Month, Arizona state Rep, Katie Hobbs (D-Phoenix), who wants to ban ads using models who have been Photoshop-enhanced without a warning label.

And we must need these disclaimers because there is so much technology these days that we will never see a real woman in print again! Oh, if only it could be like the olden days of real women in print.

Or maybe not.

Stumbled across THIS gem on Pinterest last night... “Pin-Up Girls Before & After, 1950’s.” Side-by-side photos of the actual models for the iconic mid-century illustrations. And, oh my God, you’ll never guess! These girls were painted thinner and prettier than they were in real life!! Grandma, say it isn’t so! How did she ever get out of bed each day with these unrealistic standards filling the imaginations of men with impossible beauty?

Ms. Hobbs will be crushed to find out we all know her self-righteous campaign to protect mindless young girls is really retaliation for the fact that no one told her that the right hair cut and a good push-up bra can make almost any woman sexy. Try some extensions and stop sporting the men’s wear because you're plenty pretty and there’s still time for you, Katie.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Oh... It would be fun to see a photoshop Katie Hobbs (hint)

SarahB said...

Charles, great minds think alike! I went looking for pics of her and only found her stock already-photoshoped images. Almost nothing out there that's raw...which I find an interesting coincidense!

Doo Doo Econ said...

Next the left will call to ban spell check!

Road Dawg said...

Ban girdles, and makeup too.