Monday, September 3, 2012

Vagina Life Support System SB72 Reporting For Duty!

On the eve of the Democrat National Convention I just can't wait to find out how much our friends on the other side of the aisle can equate women with hystical girl-part drama.

It seems that all this last week (and the last few months for that matter) was filled with reporting about how women are slaves to their need to have stupid, ill-planned sex...regularly. God forbid Leftists assume women are smart enough to know that when a penis enters a vagina, pregnancy can happen. And if said penis belongs to an unemployed Comparative Art History major with $70K in student debt and no car, well hell...don't you dare judge! We poor hapless women aren't smart enough to know better!

My good friend and fellow trouble maker at SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, Dawn Wildman was invited by the New York Times to be a part of a panel discussing the supposed War on Women. Not a SINGLE other participant could talk about anything outside reproduction. Not one. Now, granted one of these gals was a smug attorney who spends her free time as an abortion hotline volunteer...what ever the hell that is supposed to be!! At least you can say she's 100% in it to win it (ahem)

My favorite report of the week was from fellow SLOB, Beers With Demo, on the Code Pink protest of the RNC convention...complete with vagina costumes. No wonder these women are so bitter...even THEY don't know where the clitoris is supposed to be.

I'm not a Christian with a dogma to evangelize. And I'm no prude. But when did it become a mystery that deciding with whom and under what circumstances you grant access to your vagina is anything less civilizing the known world? Frittering that power away on the unworthy is a plain and simple tragedy.

So this week will be interesting indead. Let us girls all hope that if so much attention is paid to our nether-regions, that we at least get the right kind of O at the end.

P.S. speaking of the War on Women...those Muslim chics sure had nice back row seats at the Jumah at the DNC prayer event that kicked off early convention events.


K T Cat said...

So that's what a vagina looks like? I thought they were smaller. Oh well. As a conservative, Catholic prude, I have no idea how these things work. And as a Republican, of course, I have no respect for women.

K T Cat said...