Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Suck It Up, Boys & Girls!

If I have to pull one more person off the ledge today I’m going to start pushing. Honestly, people! I thought we were all about strength and American Values...why is everyone acting like they got kicked in the balls?

We, as Americans, collectively let Progressivism fester for over a century...and the chickens have come home to roost. Did anyone really think we would make up all that lost ground in four years? Wake-up call: it’s going to take generations!!

So do what Progressives have done forever, get back on the damn horse and start infiltrating our schools, government, media and pop culture trends. Sidebar: you selfish isolationists who are home schooling because you don’t want to have to deal with socialist teachers are a bunch of cop-outs. Get back in there and be a voice in our schools or you are part of the problem.

Liberals didn’t take a “break from politics” when Bush won. They NEVER take breaks. Ever.

If our youth can soldier up across the seas, I don’t want to hear about your post-election blues.

UPDATE: Thank God MOTUS  and Temple of Mut have the right idea! And Beers with Demo reminds Civil Libertarians they can maintain nap-mode for another four years.

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K T Cat said...

You don't have to pull me off a ledge, but I will say this. During this election, I discovered I was a Catholic first and an American second. When the government becomes a totalitarian enemy of my faith, I found it very easy to shed my allegiance to the government.